On the Day

It is usual to provide a booklet with details of the Church Service including Hymns, Readings and the Marriage Service.  This information will be agreed with the Church and it can be printed up and put in a cover, decorated in the same design as your invitations.  If you are having a Civil Ceremony guests also like to have an idea of what is happening during the day.

Price £2.50 each (includes up to 2 printed folded inserts).


You may like to put a couple of menus on each table to let guest’s know the set menu or, if your guests have previously chosen their menu from a selection of choices, you could have individual menus, with your guests names on the top.  They can then act as a place setting.

Price £1.65 each

If you are having a formal sit down meal a table plan lets guest know on which table they are sitting.  You can number or name the tables (I can make the table number/names cards for you £1.25 each).

Price £35 or £45 each.

I make various styles of place cards from the traditional tent style to a folded book style, which can contain a personalised thank you message for attending your wedding or indeed your guests chosen menu options.

Price 95p each.

I offer a wide range of boxes or bags, the size of which can be made to fit whatever treat or gift you have chosen as your favour. Traditionally x5 sugared almonds were given to female guests which symbolise Health, Wealth, Fertility, Happiness and Long Life.   You can always include a name tag on your favour so it can act as a place setting.

Prices range from £1.00- £2.00 each.